MS Coaching

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Niveau af coaching

MS Coaching har kvalifikationerne til at arbejde med alle i  jeres organisation fra medarbejder til øverste leder.


Teoretisk og praktisk: COU, ICC samt MSc in Coaching & Development

MSc in Coaching & Development. Uddannelsen har modtaget EMCCs quality Award på Master Practitionerniveau (se den grønne markering herunder).

Oplevelse og resultater

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Master Practitioner

Equivalent to UG degree/ NVQ5

Equivalent to masters degree

Foundation 3

Foundation 4



Advanced Practitioner


Equivalent to NVQ 3

Equivalent to NVQ 4


Equivalent to PG certificate

Equivalent to PG diploma


Who is this level appropriate for?

Line manager focusing on skills and performance improvements within their team.

Internal specialist focusing on career development, competence, skills and performance improvements.

Specialists within an organisation, senior managers and independent professionals working with middle and senior management to develop as leaders.

Specialists working with executives, directors and boards.

Specialists working with boards and in particular chief executives and managing directors.

Specialists using combinations of models and frameworks to create own approaches and who are proactively working to develop the profession/self.

What supervision is appropriate at each level?

Will be aware of when to seek supervision.

Will receive supervision on a regular basis and explain how it is used in their development.

Will receive supervision on a regular basis.

Will receive supervision on a regular basis and able to provide peer supervision.

Will receive supervision and able to lead peer supervision groups.

Will receive supervision and be able to develop others’ competence in supervision.

What level of CPD is appropriate at this level?

Can describe how they will review their use of coaching and mentoring.

Can describe their own ongoing development programme.

Attends at least 10 hours of cpd events annually.

Attends at least a further 10 hours of cpd events annually.

Leads or presents at 2 cpd events annually.

Can show ongoing learning through their own research activity.

(EMCC, 2007)

EMCC. (2007). EMCC-Categories for Coaching and Mentoring Training Programmes including good practice guidelines on supervision and continuing professional development (CPD). In     EMCC_Categories_for_Coaching_and_Mentoring_00207.doc (Ed.), Word: EMCC.


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